The Best Cable Organizer Hacks You Should Know

Are you thinking about adding a new computer, TV or any other device in your office or home? Well, it might be exciting but handling the power cords or connection cables or any other wires can be quite a nightmare. Here are some of the best cable organizer tips to help you handle the mess effectively.

1. Move Closer To The Outlets

In most cases, power outlets can be in the weirdest and most inconvenient spots. However, if you get to get the cables out of the way, the best cable organizer tip is to move the devices closer to the outlets. That way, the power cables don’t have to stretch across the room. It’s a great way to minimize clutter and avoid any trips and falls over power cables. If you have a new TV or computer, make sure you install it as close to the power outlet as possible for the best results.

2. Go Wireless Whenever Possible

Well, if working close to the outlet doesn’t work, another cable organizer tip is going wireless. You can actually get a huge relief from all the cables available. You can opt for wireless speakers or headphones for the best results. Of course, these devices also come with charging cables. However, you can enjoy the mobility and freedom that comes with using these devices to make your home or office cleaner.

Wireless HDMI is also another option to choose. It’s not a cheap solution or practical but if you have many TVs and hate getting HDMI cables for each TV, the wireless HDMI option is a great choice. Do your research to find the best options and models in the market for your needs.

3. Store Any Adapters Or Small Cables

With time, you will find that you have many dongles, charging cables and small power adapters. Actually, your clutter is mostly made up of this. Well, you need to have a good place to store these items to be able to get everything under control. There are many cable storage options out there you can use to store any cables or adapters you are not using.

Most of these storage options are portable and you can use them when traveling. However, you can simply store them at your home or office to avoid the huge clutter. If there are any oddly shaped or bulky cables, you can store in any of these storage solutions and keep your desk or home clean. You only need to remove them when you are using them and put them back effortlessly.

4. Arrange The Essential Cords

You need your phone or tablet chargers every day. Therefore, you need to access them as frequently as possible and effortlessly. Well, you can opt for a cable management system to make your workspace tidy and make sure the cables are readily available. Look for cable management systems online that can offer this amazing advantage.

Most of these cable management systems have small grooves that will hold any wires in place. Even better, they have an adhesive back so you can stick them on any surface. Therefore, you can mount it on the desk or on the wall, as well as any other surface that is perfectly accessible for you.

5. Tie Together All The Excess Cords

Some cords are quite long. Therefore, you will be forced to deal with a few feet of cord which ends up as a tangled mess behind the computer, TV or desk. Well, if you have any excess cords hanging around, you can actually make them neat for a great look.

You can use a Velcro strap to tie up all the excess cords. It’s one of the best ways to eliminate the excess clutter caused by your cords. You can use the strap to wrap up the excess cables and cords that you don’t need to move frequently. For instance, the power cord for your computer speaker or the HDMI cable going to your TV from your gaming console is rarely moved. Therefore, strap them down and remove all the clutter.

With all these amazing cable organizing tips, you don’t need to have a messy home. There will be no trips and falls on cables in your office too because they will be well stored and arranged for the best results.

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