A photograph of me

Hello, my name is Lewis King; I'm a designer & front-end developer based in the beautiful city of Bath, UK.

About me

I've been building websites for just over 10 years, starting when I was just 13. Back in those days I built small brochure sites for friends and family whenever I could; desperate to get my hands on anything to do with the web. These days I spend my time advocating the importance of design and building great user experiences across the teams at blubolt - a leading eCommerce agency in Bath.

Whilst at blubolt I've built the front-end for some of the UK's biggest eCommerce retailers such as Route One, Robert Welch, Whittard, Teapigs and more. If you would like to work on something together; I am available to take on a limited amount of freelance work through July.

Want to work together? Please feel free to contact me via email. You can find me on social media too: